07.20.19Hiroshi Upshur

Hi Chet; I stumbled on your video on YouTube and recalled you and I played together in Japan with the Houserockers. My dad , Gilbert was on trumpet and i did a few gigs with you all as a teenager. I am in the music industry as pro keyboardist/producer etc and still touring . Send me an email and contact . Hiroshi



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06.25.17Mike Chancellor

Chet, Great voice man ,Just the music i love .Cherry Blossoms in D.C as im hearing the duet ,and your an ace at golf.Thanks for the sounds

01.25.17Julio Cezar

Maravilha meu amigo.
Parabens.Você é um exelente cantor.


Dear Chet,

I hope this message finds you well.

My name is Victoria and I\'m the Project Manager at Dagmusic.

We are a talent agency in Tokyo and we specialise in booking voice jobs for foreigners.

Listening and watching your video, we were impressed with your voice and wanted to know if you would be interested in being a part of our singers \"talent list\" giving you potential jobs for the future.

Please let me know if you are interested.

For more information please visit http://dagmusic.com/?lang=en

Kind Regards,


05.04.16danny budiski

hi chet
i ve sended email to you, just wanted to make sure you got it ,and what you think about my goals ,before its to late ..

12.14.15Lino Druitt

You are an Original. I've always imagined that you would be doing what you Are doing. GOD BLESS YOU And Your Family😀😀

12.08.15Sean John Corsaro

Brilliance every time, thanks for letting me know you sir, Honored !!! rhythmically Yours !

10.24.15Chet Fortune

To all my guests: thank you for visiting my site - I really appreciate you all. If you want to leave a message in the guestbook, go to the contact page and fill out the form. thanks, again. One Love!

07.07.15G. Wesley Jamison


Website looks magnificent "puppy"! You know you're an inspiration to all of us who love and revere the GOD in you and around you! Keep up the great work sharing the goodness brother!
You always know how to do what it do!
All the best always
-Small puppy lol

07.07.15Marc roberge

Hi there Chet. The website design looks great man in shades of blue. You're from DC too? I was seeing all the monuments on the home page, and read the bio. I'm from DC. Born there but raised in silver spring, md. i was trying to sign the guestbook but i suppose this will work. fantastic site brother. a really impressive look. catch you later and kind regards, marc

07.06.15Jason mark yates

Chet you are such a talented and real nice guy, Its a pleasure working with you when we can.
I hope you will continue to bring happiness to many with your gift and style for many years to come
Jason Mark Yates


really professional work on this page, CONGRATZ CHET

07.06.15Russ Greenberg

You have always been and continue to be the man. Talented and kind beyond words. Congratulations on your successful resurgence in your adopted homeland. Just don't forget about your stateside nillas. We miss you Chet-San.

05.18.15Nia (Irene) Covington

Great vocals! Continued success!

07.14.14Herb WIlson

Not sure what you are doing now but I have been going through my albums and found three albums you guys did in Japan in the 60s. The House Rockers - Dig; A Soul Evening With The House Rockers; Golden R & B Memphis Sound. I was at Fuchu from 1968 - 1970 and remember me and my partner jumping up on the stage and singing with you guys during that time frame. I did 27 with USAF retiring in 1994 and now find myself fully retired and living in Florida. I gave up singing along the way and DJayed my entire career and still dabble in it to this day. I get more joy out of doing volunteer gigs for various organizations as my way of giving back. You must be living good as you have not aged a bit. Drop me a line if you find time. Take care and God Bless!!!!!

Herb Wilson